PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy supports your body’s own healing ability by restoring cells to their natural electrical charge. This results in higher energy levels, less pain and inflammation, and improved sleep.

Recharge your cells. Recharge your life.

Tesla was the first to demonstrate the healing powers of electricity. His research has evolved over time to become what is known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. This proven, science-based concept uses electromagnetic fields to reach deep inside your body to exercise your individual cells. PEMF therapy delivers soothing and therapeutic impulses into your cells at your body’s natural frequency. This pulsing stimulates individual cells causing them to expand and contract, much like your muscles during physical exercise. As cellular expansion and contraction takes place, their cellular voltage increases, and circulation improves. This helps create stronger, healthier cells with increased ability to absorb nutrients and expel toxins.


To learn more about PEMF Cellular Exercise and how it can improve your overall wellness, – watch here.

The Number One Sign That Your Cells Need Energy Support is Pain.

Pain and fatigue are your body’s natural cry for help. Other signs include disease, weakness, reduced function of any body part, and emotional imbalances. Since each cell in your body is like a small battery, capable of holding only a limited amount of energy, the cellular “batteries” within our body need to be kept at a certain charge for optimal function. Think of your cells like a mobile phone battery – over time it loses its charge and needs to be recharged to function properly.

PEMF Therapy safely and painlessly recharges cells to their natural frequency. There are various reasons your cells may not be generating or maintaining enough electrical charge. Physical injury, chemical toxicity, scar tissue, inflammation and poor nutrition can deplete your cellular batteries. So can our use of modern technology. Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, computer screens, TVs, radio waves and high-tension wires all produce electromagnetic fields at extreme levels that bombard every cell in your body with detrimental “battery draining” energy.

PEMF Therapy reduces pain in minutes.

• Alleviate pain and inflammation

• Stimulate tissue healing

• Stimulate bone growth

• Relieve injury and fatigue

• Sports performance and recovery

• Support neurotransmitter balance

• Reduce stress / Increase relaxation

• Achieve deeper, more restorative sleep

Since every cell in your body needs to maintain its electrical charge, every cell in your body can benefit from PEMF cellular exercise.

With over 1 million patient sessions to date, Pulse electromagnetic therapy has provided a new foundation for achieving pain-free, optimal health.

The FDA started approving PEMF back in 1979 for bone loss (it was even used by NASA to support the astronauts when they returned to Earth). The FDA made additional approvals in 1987 for post-operative edema and pain, 2004 as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery, and 2011 for depression.


As Seen on Dr. Oz
On December 5, 2011, a special Dr. Oz show aired showcasing the pain-relieving effects of this ground-breaking therapy that uses the power of magnetic electrical therapy to redirect electrical impulses to the areas where you feel pain, so relief can begin.

Visit for more information and testimonials on this successful ground-breaking therapy.

PEMF Pricing Options

If this is your first PEMF therapy session, you can start with our 3-hour Premium Pro Starter Pack. This package includes three 1-hour appointments and orientation. Based on your case and how you respond to the therapy, we will suggest the package or membership options that are best suited for your wellness goals.

Single Sessions:

30-minute session – $55

1-hour session  – $85

Customized Packages:

Includes 1 complimentary session + consultation (first visit only)

5 pack: 30-minute sessions – $249

5 pack: 1-hour sessions – $399

10 pack: 30-minute sessions – $449

10 pack: 1-hour sessions – $699

20 pack: 1-hour sessions – $1199

Maintenance Membership

1-hour session weekly – $179/mo.

Special Packages:

Sports Performance/Recovery
5 x 30-minute sessions @ 5.0 – $225

Stress Relief/Mood Enhancer
5 x 30-minute sessions @ 7.8 – $225

Immune Booster/Detox
5 x 30-minute sessions @ 2.0 – $225

To schedule an appointment, call (913) 381-2100 or click to make an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PEMF therapy is safe for all ages, unless you have an implanted electronic device including a pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear hearing device, are pregnant, actively bleeding, or have blood clots.
Yes. Pulse Therapy is FDA approved. The FDA started approving PEMF back in 1979 for bone loss. They made additional approvals in 1987 for post-operative edema and pain. In 2004 it was FDA approved as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery. In 2011, it was FDA approved to treat depression.
No, you experience a gentle and relaxing pulsing or tingling sensation. Many of our clients will actually fall asleep during their PEMF sessions.
Dr. Jerry Tennant states in Healing is Voltage that cells, like batteries, are designed to run at -20 to -25 mV. When voltage levels drop, cells struggle to function creating an environment for chronic pain and disease. The rapidly changing field of a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) has been observed to induce an electric current in the tissue, producing stimulation of charged particles in support of optimizing the voltage necessary to maintain energy for normal cellular function.
Simply put, PEMF pulses magnetic fields that are applied to the body with the aim of enhancing the repair process of bodily cells and tissues. Conversely, TENS units make use of a low-voltage electrical current that stimulates the nerves. Although TENS units are highly effective at managing symptomatic pain, they cannot affect the healing process in any way. PEMF devices can.
The Pulse XL Pro is the only Cellular Exercise system in the world to combine solid-state engineering, integrated electronics, and user-controlled adjustable pulse and magnetic field strength. We combine the PEMF table, chair, pads, rings and paddles to create a wellness program that is focused on your specific individual condition.
If you’ve had joint replacement surgery, PEMF can help accelerate healing after the procedure and improve your outcomes. Even if you have metal screws, plates, rods, or joints, you can still participate in PEMF therapy.
How many sessions you need for your condition will be determined in your consultation session. All of our technicians have completed advanced PEMF certification training and will determine the appropriate number of sessions for your condition.
Wear comfortable clothes. Make sure you remove all electrical or battery-operated items (watches, cell phones, headphones, etc.)
Since the effects are cumulative, it is recommended when your first start PEMF, that you come at least twice a week, but you can come every day if that works for you. After your initial series of appointments, we offer packages and maintenance plans with weekly or monthly sessions — depending on your case.
No. Many of our clients come to us at the recommendation of their physician, however, a referral is not required.
Most people say they feel great after their sessions. If you feel any discomfort, that may be a sign that toxins are being released from cells in your body. A great way to prevent this is with proper hydration – including Pulse Fuel, either before and or after your session. If you do feel discomfort after your treatment, call us right away for a complimentary detox session.
Pulse Fuel is a 100% carbon bond organic liquid trace supplement, and an all-in-one multivitamin enhanced with humic and fulvic acids. Pulse Fuel aids hydration, promotes detoxification, increases nutrient absorption, and promotes higher energy levels.
Check with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you for part or all of your sessions. You can also check with the administrator of your Health Savings Account to see if those funds can be used for your PEMF sessions. We offer care credit plans for individual packages.
Just as our bodies benefit from regular exercise, so do our cells. Think of it this way, when you increase your cardiovascular exercise, your heart and lungs pump more oxygen throughout your body, and you begin to build muscle and lose fat. When cellular exercise takes place through PEMF, a similar process occurs where our cells are energized so that they are better able to remove waste and absorb both new nutrients and oxygen.

Going to the gym once a week is better than not going at all, but you aren’t going to achieve the results you want if this is your goal. Consistent regular physical exercise is how you get results. Cellular exercise works the same way. Incorporating regular cellular exercise through PEMF will help you to support your immune system and the muscle’s natural healing processes, both of which will keep you on track with your fitness resolutions.

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